Word Voyage - Integrated Vocabulary, Grammar, and Sentence-Writing for Grades 4 and up

Parent-Led Instruction

Word Voyage is the ideal program for parents to deliver tailored instruction in: Literature-Based Vocabulary; Latin and Greek Roots; Root Families; Spelling and Syllables; Grammar and Sentence Construction.


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Literature-Based Vocabulary

What is your child reading? Word Voyage offers hundreds of lists from popular and classic titles. You can modify the lists as needed, or merge multiple titles into a single unit. It's simple to customize the learning experience to your child!

Latin and Greek Roots

As explained by linguist Dr. Abigail Konopasky, studying word roots not only expands vocabulary and improves reading comprehension, it also promotes critical thinking. Read more! Word Voyage teaches students to look inside language and become word tinkerers. Root words frequently bring the high-priority, descriptive content to stories, describing characters, scenes, and moods. To achieve full comprehension, young readers must go after these words. Word Voyage students learn the Slow Down Break it Down word-attack strategy. They know that roots provide the keys that unlock meanings!

Root Families

Another wonderful benefit of studying word roots is that they have families! Word Voyage students get extensive practice making the root associations that deliver exponential vocabulary growth. It's never just about one word! The students do the Meet the Cousins exercise and play games such as Family Reunion, Root of the Matter, and Meaning Matcher. Our students learn that most new and unfamiliar words they run across probably have a cousin or cousins that they've already met. It's just a question of taking a moment to analyze the letters. For example, benevolent is a combination of benefit and volunteer. Easy and very familiar cousins quickly unlock a sophisticated word

Spelling and Syllables

Word Voyage students begin each lesson by spelling the words from dictation. This is a "zero-stakes" exploration of sounds and letter patterns, and the student can consult the built-in dictionary if needed. Next, the student breaks apart each word by syllable, also know as the "chunks of sound." In addition to making the spelling more stable in the student's memory, this exercise also supports proper pronunciation. Third, the student constructs each word by root, also known as the "chunks of meaning." These add another layer of reinforcement because roots can deliver lots of spelling logic. For example, why does assimilate have 2 s's? Because of the Doubling Rule? No, because the prefix ends in s and the base root starts in s. The more a student learns to analyze roots, the stronger and more confident a speller he or she will become!

Grammar and Sentence Construction

Word Voyage includes dozens of pre-set grammar lessons, supported by instructional videos, and following this scope and sequence. The student is assigned to clearly demonstrate the meaning of each vocabulary word and meet the posted grammar requirements. Writing lots and lots of original sentences is the surest way for a student to master word usage and grammar skills. There's simply no replacement for having the student create the context! As the parent-teacher, you can post written comments on each sentence and require revisions as needed. This on-point formative feedback is a very efficient and convenient method of keeping your child on track.

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