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Vocabulary and Grammar, Grades 4 and Up

Word Voyage Online Tutoring is the perfect solution for students needing a structured program with regular feedback from a teacher. Our experienced tutors provide one-on-one, hands-on instruction in vocabulary and grammar. Lessons are tailored to meet the student's level. Regular written feedback and face-to-face sessions are provided to keep the student on track and moving forward with skills.

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Minimum time requirement: 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week


1 Month: $80, unlimited lessons
2 Months: $150 ($75/month) unlimited lessons
3 Months: $210 ($70/month) unlimited lessons
Each additional month (after 3 months): $65, unlimited lessons

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  • Words the Student Needs Now!
    The student can study words from hundreds of classic and popular titles, or from our Test Preparation lists.
  • Latin and Greek Roots
    The lessons provide extensive practice with word roots and meaning formation. The student learns to slow down and analyze unfamiliar words, a critical strategy for improving reading comprehension.
  • Word Mastery from Exercises, Games, and Original Writing
    The student is challenged to drag root cards to build meanings, relate root-level meanings to modern meanings, build root families, practice spellings, divide up syllables, investigate words in context, and identify parts of speech. And we don't stop there. The student must also demonstrate the proper usage of each word in an original sentence. This exercise challenges the student to pull new knowledge together, and provides the perfect opportunity for the tutor to deliver formative feedback. All sentences must demonstrate word mastery before the student is moved on to the next level.


  • Grammar Scope and Sequence
    As part of the sentence-writing project, the student must also meet specific grammar requirements. Following an assessment by the tutor, the student is placed on the Word Voyage Grammar Scope and Sequence and works up from there. Word Voyage students write hundreds of sentences. Each new level reinforces previously-studied skills.
  • Instructional Videos
    The tutor assigns videos to introduce each new skill and to review old ones. Examples: Complete Sentences, Prepositions, Adjectives, Linking Verbs, Phrases and Clauses, Noun Jobs, Gerunds
  • Sentence Formatting
    The student is directed to use formatting tools to identify specific sentence components. For example: bold the adjective and underline the word described by the adjective. Or: underline the dependent clause, bold the conjunction, and italicize the independent clause. This process makes the student aware of each sentence feature and the function it performs.
  • Targeted Feedback and Revision Process
    The tutor carefully evaluates each sentence and guides the student through the revision process. In the first few weeks, it is common for sentences to require 3 or 4 rounds of revision. However, once the student gets in the habit of proofreading, the number of revisions goes down and more new skills are introduced. The tutor is always available for questions.


  • Upper Elementary
    Word Voyage provides direct instruction for young readers moving into 4th and 5th grade-level reading content. To learn more about why this instruction is so critical, please see: Why do 4th and 5th graders need to study roots? On the grammar side, our tutors work with students on complete sentences, sentence types, parts of speech, phrases, and clauses. Establishing a solid foundation with this skill set prepares the student for Middle School curriculum and standardized tests.
  • Middle School
    While this is understandably a time of great distraction, it is also the time when fundamental literacy skills must be nailed down! Direct instruction from a Word Voyage tutor is an efficient and highly effective way to meet this challenge. The student can study vocabulary from current reading assignments, words that are relevant and needed now! Exercises and games deliver extensive practice with word roots, root families (build vocabulary exponentially!), modern definitions, and proper usage. Our tutoring also focuses the student on attention to writing details and learning to deploy proper grammar in the first draft.
  • High School
    Word Voyage tutors target the skill gaps that are holding students back with reading and writing assignments, as well as on the SAT or ACT. Many times students are "in the ballpark" with vocabulary and grammar skills and just need more regular, focused time-on-task. To be successful and meet their goals, students must be able to skillfully represent themselves in writing. Nothing undermines this effort like grammar and word-usage errors. Word Voyage tutors provide the key practice and feedback young writers need to solidify their skills. Details matter!

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